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About Us

Social Thinking®

The Social Mind Pty Ltd is proud to be Australia’s only licensed reseller of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® resources and training programs, and regularly supply our resources to counties in the region. The business was founded in 2010 as Social Inclusion Australia, same owners just a new name.  The business is owned and operated by Peter & Nicole.

Peter is a therapist and educator and has trained in Michelle Garcia Winner’s Clinic in San Jose California.  He has a wealth of experience using Social Thinking® resources across the whole range of social learning difficulties, both diagnosed and undiagnosed.  Peter regularly travels to the USA to study and remain current in the latest thinking about Social Thinking®.  Peter is always happy to answer your questions about our products and you can contact him by phoning (02) 5105 52 62 (if phoning from Australia) or +61 2 5105 5262 (if phoning from outside Australia) or by email peter@socialmind.com.au.

Our Back-Story

Peter was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2008 to study innovative ways to support those with Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome and spent three months visiting programs across the USA and UK.  During this trip Peter studied in Michelle Garcia Winner’s clinic, attended as many of Michelle’s workshops as he could, and visited numerous programs and practitioners across the USA and UK who use Social Thinking® and other innovative approaches to teaching social development across the lifespan.

Following this study tour, Peter invited Michelle Garcia Winner to visit Australia.  Peter & his partner Nicole, personally funded five workshops across Australia in 2010.  How hard can it be?  Well it was hard, but that was the start.  There were books left over following Michelle’s first tour of Australia and Michelle asked Peter & Nicole if they could sell them. They set up a website, thought the name Social Thinking Australia® was catchy, and those books sat in their hall cupboard for years.

But you have to start somewhere when you believe in something.  There have been many lessons along the way, many mistakes and some failures but Peter & Nicole have never given up.  The business Peter & Nicole set up in 2010 to host those first workshops, Social Inclusion Australia, is now a company, The Social Mind Pty Ltd.  The business moved out of the hall cupboard years ago and now imports stock from the USA every few weeks to keep up with the demand.

Peter & Nicole also host overseas speakers in Australia every year.  Their training workshops are run across Australia.  Their aim is to make available in Australia, the same high quality training Peter had access to during his 2008 Churchill Fellowship to the USA & UK.

Nicole has been Peter’s business partner from the start.  Nicole has an art history & curatorial background and apart from being a fine arts administrator, Nicole has managed projects ranging from large aid & development projects in third world countries to the events of a symphony orchestra.  Nicole is member of the board of an arts organisation in Canberra and mentors women seeking similar leadership roles in organisations.  In her spare time Nicole is an avid reader and dreams of walking the Comino de Santiago trail.

Peter & Nicole have three boys aged 8, 11 & 14, and a Beagle.  The boys and the Beagle have all grown up with Social Thinking.  The boys are big fans of Superflex and have submitted new ideas for “Thinkables” and “Unthinkables” to Michelle Garcia Winner in the hope that they will one day be published.  Never a dull moment in our house!

Our Values

Our business is based on some key beliefs and values that are important to us.  Those beliefs and values have shaped who we are and inspire what we do.

We believe that kids and adults with social learning challenges can make a positive contribution to their communities and live fulfilling lives, and like all of us, they do better with support.

We believe that some kids and adults may have a “lagging social development skill set” when compared with their peers, and that teaching the social development skills they need to navigate their way through life, is a better approach to punishing them for not having yet developed those skills.

We believe that relationships provide the context for teaching and modelling social competencies.  Progress can be slow and at times difficult, but it is important to hang in there, be authentic, see every “problem” as a teaching opportunity and keep moving forward.

We believe it is important to get good training and support to keep moving forward. This is why the educational resources we sell and the speakers we bring to Australia, are those we consider to be some of the best available, so parents, carers and professionals are well equipped and well supported in the important task of teaching our kids and our clients the aspects of social development they may lack.

Based on these values, Peter & Nicole have taken the business from its roots in their hall cupboard, to a business that aims to make a positive contribution to social development and to the lives of individuals.

Our Gratitude

We gratefully acknowledge the opportunity provided by the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.  Peter’s Churchill Fellowship was the inspiration for doing the work we currently do.  Information about Churchill Fellowships can be found here and Peter is always happy to speak to anyone interested in applying for a Churchill Fellowship.

Our Website

The Social Mind Pty Ltd is the registered owner of www.socialmind.com.au.  All Social Thinking® resources are sold under an agreement with Michelle Garcia Winner’s Think Social Publishing Inc.  All prices on our website are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST (the Australian Goods and Services Tax).  The website is set to geolocate the country you are viewing from and does not display the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) when viewing the website outside Australia.  Sales made to countries outside Australia, do not pay the Australian Tax (GST). Our Website Terms of Use statement can be found here.

Our Options for Ordering

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Our Contact Details

You can contact us by phoning (02) 5105 5262 (if phoning from Australia) or +61 2 5105 5262 (if phoning from outside Australia), or by email info@socialmind.com.au

Our Postal Address

Our postal address is PO Box 4170 HAWKER  ACT  2614 AUSTRALIA.

Our Business Details

If you are setting us up on your payment system as a vendor or resource provider, as many schools, Government Departments and business organisations have, our business name is The Social Mind Pty Ltd, our Australian Business Number (ABN) is 61 624 876 624, our postal address is above and if your system requires a street address you can contact us for that by email info@socialmind.com.au or phone (02) 5105 5262.  Our Bank Details are BSB 112 908 Account Number 441 333 732 Account Name The Social Mind Pty Ltd.  

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Workshop Refund and Cancellation

Our workshop Refund and Cancelation Policy can be found here

Customer Service

We are always happy to answer your questions, provide advice about our products and solve any problems.  You can contact us by email info@socialmind.com.au or by phoning (02) 5105 5262 (if phoning from Australia) or +61 2 5105 5262 (if phoning from outside Australia).

Here is just some of the feedback we have received from clients:

"Wow!!!! The book is here already.  Thanks for organising that.  Much appreciated.  I had it on my list to do for so long and didn't realise it would be so easy! Thanks again"

Occupational Therapist

"Thanks so much for the quick delivery of 'The Zones of Regulation' it is hugely appreciated! You are wonderful!"

 ASD Specialist

"Thank you so much for introducing me to the work of Michelle Garcia Winner. I have switched to using the Social Thinking approach with my son, who is turning 6 next week. We are working on the problem areas and the improvements are fantastic!".



"Thank you for your honest reply, I really appreciate it. And thank you for the extras, that's fantastic! Happy customer."

Child Psychologist

"Thanks for getting the resources to me. The new resource is excellent, already I am spreading the word."

Speech Therapist

"Thank you so much for that, it was very helpful to speak to you today and great to have such valid information and experienced feedback. I'll do some reading and be back in touch."



"Thank you for your reply. I would like to order the book please. I wish I had come across your website earlier!"



"I received the book I ordered today - thank you. The book is even better than I had hoped and I can’t wait to start using it. I am the Student Support Teacher at our local primary school and can think of many of our older students who would really benefit from the ideas in the book. Thanks again!"

Learning Support Teacher

"Since attending the workshop I have applied Michelle's concepts into my language goals. The Social Thinking approach makes it much easier to explain communication concepts to kids. Thanks for introducing Michelle to me. Thank you for processing the order so quickly as well."


Speech Therapist

"Thank you so much for your efficiency and advice. I really appreciate it!"


"Thank you for your wonderful customer service, it has been a pleasure to order through you. Thanks again."


Early Intervention Case Manager

"Just a quick 'thank you' for sending off our latest batch of resources so promptly. They arrived first thing this morning, which means we have new stuff to play with this week!  Again, thank you!"

Communication specialist

"I have just placed the order for 'I Get It' and I wanted to thank you so much for the free shipping, I really appreciate it. It was great talking to you today and I will let everyone at work know about your website so that they can see if there are any good resources for the children they are working with.  Thanks again."


"Thanks so much for your time, that was great.  Thanks too for sending the links to me, it was very helpful."


Speech Pathologist

"Many thanks for your prompt and informative reply - I'll give your suggestions a try."

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist