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Dr Ross Greene is the New York Times bestselling author of the influential books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost and Found, and Raising Human Beings.  Ross presented his one-day training program in his Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model, to sell out attendances in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in July 2018.

Ross is coming back to Australia in July 2019 to conduct both advanced workshops and introductory workshops.

Tickets going on sale soon.  The schedule will be as follows:

Monday 24 June – Cairns – Introductory Workshop

Wednesday 26 June Brisbane – Introductory Workshop

Friday 28 June – Port Lincoln – Introductory Workshop

Monday 1 July – Melbourne – Introductory Workshop

Tuesday 2 July – Melbourne – Advanced Workshop

Thursday 4 July – Sydney – Introductory Workshop

Friday 5 July – Sydney – Advanced Workshop

Here are just some of the comments we received following Dr Greene’s 2018 workshops:

I was just so impressed with this workshop. I thought it was just brilliant. It was like being given the missing piece of a puzzle to complete my transition over many years from the old fashioned authoritarian approach to discipline, to one that uses empathy and treats children with respect and dignity. I’ve always known what I wanted to achieve but lacked the skills and knowledge to do so as effectively as I wanted. This workshop helped me to see I’ve been focussing on the wrong things. How exciting. Many thanks.

With regard to Ross, WOW. So proficient, he makes it sound so logical and easy doesn’t he? Clearly it’s not easy, and it didn’t come about overnight, but the way Ross’ thinking has evolved to put in such a practical model for us all to use, that will ultimately have such important implications who all we work with…. well that’s just so commendable.  Can’t wait to get “good at this” and apply it daily in my life, and in my practice at work.  Cheers and thanks for making this happen.

Thanks for a great day, Ross.  It was thoroughly insightful and enjoyable.

Thanks so much for hosting the workshop yesterday. It was super informative and my husband and I both feel we have a better understanding of the CPS model to support our 3 kids. I thought I’d cheekily offer our family if you need a volunteer case study for when Ross returns for advanced training!

It was an absolute pleasure attending Ross’s workshop yesterday – my brain is full, and inspiration overflowing! I am definitely interested in attending Ross’s advanced workshop in future.  I would like to add a BIG thank you for organising and managing the event! You and your colleagues managed to make a big group still feel intimate, and your passion and respect for Ross’s work really shone through. What a joy it was!

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to listen to Ross in Brisbane. He is truly an inspiration. I hope to be able to use some of the knowledge I have gained from the workshop with in my classroom and at home with my own children. I have begun reading his book The Explosive Child and I am already learning so much. 

Peter, Thank you again for brining such great PD to Melbourne.  I have already changed my practise and met with a preschool team last night and removed the focus from behaviour management – we plan to try the ALSUP next week. I am also grateful for the reminder to include the children in the problem solving process – I know I do that in clinic sessions but possibly not enough in initial planning.

Thank you Peter! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. 

Hi Peter, Thank you so much for organising Ross Greene to come out. The workshop was amazing and I am super inspired to give it a “red hot go”.  Can’t wait for next year’s workshops so please keep me in the loop. 

Hi Peter, Thanks so much for this organisation! I must say I have used 2 of the skills that he taught yesterday with 2 children in todays sessions and although I am still grappling with the language I am mighty impressed with the process and the outcomes that we achieved with this, so nice to be reminded to just let things happen in the time that is needed. Looking forward to Ross’s next instalments.

Hi Peter!  Thanks again for having Ross Greene in Sydney.  It was amazing.